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Making Reuse A Reality For Your Organization

FitzGerald Freelance

Many times projects need to be paired with the right people. We have a vast network of buyers and reclaimed materials that we can connect you with. We are associated with a lot of people in the building world and would be happy to help you find the materials you need for your dream project.


Expert Guidance

The most important step on any demolition project is knowing numbers and the materials. Beyond identifying materials, it is essential to understand what condition they are in and whether there will be redeeming value once they have been removed. At FitzGerald Deconstruction & Reuse we have developed a process to document a building by identifying its materials, quantifying them, defining quality and potential, then providing an estimated valuation of the materials.   The data make sensible decision making easy allowing you to capitalize on your project, let us help you save money and make a positive impact on your project.


Achieve Your Goals

The first step for project success is clearly defined specifications for reuse and recycling of your waste streams. We provide a template that can be customized to your project’s needs while retaining the best management practices. We can also collaborate with your design professionals to ensure they have everything they need.

Business Meeting

Profit From Your Project

Using our list of industry contacts, we’re able to connect bidders with buyers of construction and demolition materials. Having an inventory & quantity for each material in the building will allow bidders to draw conclusions as to how much they can expect from selling materials they salvage. This approach will encourage the careful handling of materials to preserve value. In addition, this information will drive a more competitive bidding process. This is one way to encourage reuse while driving costs down. We have successfully employed this approach on many projects resulting in extensive savings.


Obtaining the Product

When designers, builders, and developers need specific materials or have specific materials in mind, we have a broad network to choose from. When it comes to acquiring specific reclaimed materials our network is second to none and we can find exactly what our customers are looking for.

Value Engineering
Media Marketing


City of Dubuque

A City focused on being the best;  Dubuque doesn't stop short with Sustainability.  Whether tasked with a simple renovation project or removing over 80 homes for a major infrastructure project reuse and recycling are built into the plan.  We have had the pleasure of assisting the City of Dubuque on a number of projects for over a decade.  They continue to lead the way with a sustainable mindset from the start of every project. 


Conlon Construction has always sought to find a better or higher use for materials on the projects they manage.  Their clients choose them becuase they have a reputation for excellence.  The major institutional and commercial projects they undertake can create a large amount of waste.  We join forces to identify alternatives ahead of the projects so the team is prepared.

Recently Conlon Construction approached us for consultation on-site analysis and material assessment for Flexsteel Deconstruction and Demolition in Dubuque, IA.  We look forward to working with Conlon and their team of professionals on such an important undertaking.


Urban Wood Goods creates a beautiful home and office furniture from certified reclaimed materials. We've grown together.  From sourcing sustainably harvested materials to documenting the journey, we're proud to be a part of the Urban Wood Goods team.  If you are interested in a beautiful custom made furniture built from reclaimed wood, look no further.  Urban Wood Goods is the best in the business of transforming reclaimed materials.

Gronen Combined Logo.png

For many years Gronen played unparalleled role in our development.  Kyle began working as a project manager for Gronen Restoration in 2007 and has benefited from the Reuse, Restore, Repurpose mindset Gronen champions.  These folks are restoring some of Dubuque's most renown historic buildings, including the Roshek Building. In 2010 we trained locals on deconstruction best practices and employed them to harvest materials from countless projects. Together, we have achieved outstanding results, and it has been a pleasure to work with and grow along side such an amazing company.


From our first conversations to now, our partnership has not only guided them successfully into a new market but become more successful than ever before.
ReUse Depot is proudly the Chicagoland's best reuse store.  FitzGerald leads the charge implementing best practices along with innovative approaches to retail that set Reuse Depot apart from others.


Clay tile roofing is extremely sustainable.  No other roofing material holds its value like durable clay tile roofing.  These tiles can be removed and reused.  We have a proven track record and system for recovering tile roofing materials.  Let us help you recover value on your next clay tile project.

Recyclean Inc_

These guys are the best in the business!  They are passionate about reuse.  From a small home or barn to large industrial projects Mike and his team will preserve the value.  They have perfected deconstruction techniques and developed processes to efficiently remove almost any material worth saving.  Recyclean is the best in the business.  We love working with them.  

If you’re ready to succeed, we are ready to help.

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